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How do I start an order at Manufy?
How do I start an order at Manufy?
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Once you find your perfect manufacturing partner and are ready to go in full production you can easy start an order using the “start order” button in the chat. A pop-up opens where you can fill in the requested products, quantities and discussed details. It is also possible to add an extra description on your request.

After you have provided all information the manufacturer will complete the order sheet by filling in the negotiated prices. From here you can finalise your order by agreeing to the prices and performing the secure online payment.

Once the payment is done, a message is sent to the Manufacturer to say that his or her offer has been accepted. The Manufacturer will then start production of the product with an estimated and agreed delivery date. If the Manufacturer accepts the Order, he or she thereby accepts full responsibility for the proper execution of the Order.

Our buyer protection program ensures the safe transfer of your money. This means that your payment will only be released to the manufacturer once your order reaches you. To read more about the program please go here.

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