Why Manufy asks for the 5% success fee
Why Manufy charges a 5% success fee on successful orders
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Over the past two years, since the launch of Manufy, we have been in direct contact with a lot of our users. We've had the luck to receive lots of feedback from both brands and manufacturers, which helps us to continually improve the platform.

We noticed that our previous model, the credit system, did not help both parties us the platform in the most efficient and user friendly way. Manufacturers had to pay upfront, often times bidding on production requests they knew little about. This made them hesitant to bid, leading to less connections being made between manufacturers and brands.

That's why we took your feedback and decided to change the way Manufy works! Reacting to production requests is now totally free, hopefully leading to more bids on RFQ's and more deals closed in the future. To keep our business afloat, we from now on ask for a 5% success fee on those closed deals. You'll only have pay when the platform works for you, so that seemed the fairest option.

We'll use that 5% to keep on improving and expanding Manufy. Our team keeps on growing and we're investing a lot in developing new features, broadening our support team and creating the best experience for our userbase possible!

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